Coltrane (TripLLLe Version)

by Fowlmouth

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Recorded and engineered by Larry Hinds in Kenosha, WI on October 24, 2013.


My baby and I
We've been together for awhile
She lights up
Entire city blocks when she smiles
And while this is true
There's one thing you don't wanna do
Because when she gets mad
She'll turn the sky black from blue

And here's a word of warning
As reliable as a weather vane
You best run for cover
When she's listening
To Coltrane

It was five years ago
On this very night
Some loud mouth chick
In a downtown bar started a fight
I don't recall what it was about
Or why she called my baby out
But within an hours time
That girl was gutted like a lake trout

And as she lay there gasping in the
Mud and blood and relentless rain
The jukebox played "Resolution"
By Coltrane

As we made that girls body go away
We had no words to say
And it remained that way
For days and days and days and days
Finally curiosity
It got the best of me
So I asked if I should worry
And this is what she said to me

"Baby, you know I love you but
You better know that before I bring the pain
I hear Gabriel's horn blowing when
You're hearing Coltrane"


released June 9, 2015
Tom Selear - Drums
David Aiello - Electric bass
Guy Crucianelli - Electric guitar
Jeff Moody - Words, vocals



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